In new York from deadly Legionnaires ‘ disease has killed 1 people, 18 – positive

В Нью-Йорке от смертельно опасной болезни легионеров погиб 1 человек, еще 18 – инфицированы

In new York from deadly Legionnaires ‘ disease has killed 1 people, 18 – positive

Author: Katerina Moskalets

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In the heart of new York city – in Manhattan – for about a week dominated by legionellosis. The result of the outbreak, which began in the area of Lower Washington Heights, 18 people were hospitalized and one died.

At the moment, 7 people remain hospitalized after the infection. The health Department of new York (N. Y. C. Department of Health and Mental Hygiene — DOH) did not name the deceased.

What is Legionnaires ‘ disease?

Legionnaires ‘ disease is a form of bacterial pneumonia. It cannot spread from person to person. The infection enters the body after he breathed in the water vapor containing the bacteria.

The group at greatest risk of disease legionellosis include the elderly, smokers, people with chronic lung diseases or weakened immune systems, and people who take immunosuppressants.

Symptoms of legionellosis

Symptoms include fever, cough, chills, muscle pain, headache, fatigue, loss of appetite, dizziness and diarrhea. Symptoms usually appear within 2-10 days after infection.

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The health Department urges residents of the area with similar symptoms to immediately seek medical help.

The treatment of the disease

Legionnaires ‘ disease can be fatal, but is treatable with antibiotics in early stages.

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