In new York trash cans “blossomed” with bouquets of flowers

В Нью-Йорке мусорные баки «расцвели» букетами из живых цветов

In new York trash cans “blossomed” with bouquets of flowers

Author: Anna Kazakova

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Chekhov once said, “In the person all should be beautiful: face and clothes, soul and thoughts”. Surely this phrase applies to our beloved new York, because new Yorkers native city is no ordinary town. The “big Apple” is a culture, mindset, lifestyle, alluring bright lights of tens of thousands wishing to touch and taste it “taste” when they find themselves in one of the most famous cities of the USA.

However, as often happens in large cities, the appearance of most of the streets bears little resemblance to the pictures of handouts, especially in the early morning hours. Rather didn’t before, because in the last month of summer 2018 in new York, passers-by began to notice the amazing composition — the trash cans of the city someone was decorated with beautiful bouquets of flowers! Delicate, exotic, fragrant bouquets at the same time delight and surprise passers-by. No one expects to observe the beauty in such unexpected places! However, to see these creations in all their glory will be only the “early bird”. The longer the bouquets are, the more noticeable “gaps” in their design. Many pedestrians passing by, definitely removed some flowers in memory of, in connection with this evening bouquets often do not survive, but only to flourish again in a different place the next morning.

By the way, creating bouquets to waste baskets is only a part of a creative project called Flower Flash, distributed by “Lewis Miller Design”, widely known in new York as a company specialized in decoration of weddings and other events.

The project Flower Flash was presented to the people of new York in October 2016. According to the company’s commercial Director Irini Araks, Flower Flash was the result of a long search Lewis Miller the opportunity to make your own business closer to the city. Many years ago he had a sudden idea to turn trash into a vase for flowers. The idea was so strange that for a long time just “lay on the shelf”. However, the time has come, and the creative sketch acquired a practical form. Wedding and design business of the company prospered, the number of orders increased, and with them increased the number of flowers that were destined to delight customers in just one day.

In the fall of 2016 at the company’s disposal was a huge amount of dahlias and carnations, which has already fulfilled its main mission in the near future was supposed to turn into garbage. But they still bloomed and could become a real decoration of the city! Inspired by this idea, five members of the team, Lewis got up at 5 am with the first rays of the sun and came to Central Park to create a real art-object — a halo of flowers around the mosaic “Imagine” dedicated to John Lennon. Their creative impulse has not gone unnoticed. Soon, the Internet erupted with applause in honor of the founders of the project, encouraging them with even greater zeal to work on the decoration of the city.

The project’s success is primarily due to the unexpected decision of its implementation. Few expect at 6 am to see the composition of the cherry blossom 10 feet height proudly standing over a garbage can in the heart of new York. It would be like to see the peacock in times Square. Each new song there is always a lot of people making photos for Instagram, so the popularity of the project is huge. Besides the flowers is a joy, a symbol of beauty, and even the most sullen people of new York begin to smile, when I saw the Flower Flash. This is the main message, just rejoice and be surprised every day!

Today the team of Lewis Miller created 40 works in the framework of the project Flower Flashes, but this is only the beginning! The latest work from this series were seen at the intersection of 73rd street and West End Avenue. A simple rubbish bin suddenly “blossomed” roses and flowers of all shades of the rainbow! Irini Araks says that after the creation of each new bouquet for the city she always tries to be nearby to see the reaction of new Yorkers on their creation, because the company cares about the public’s reaction. The whole point of the project is to ensure, to the best of their opportunities to make the lives of the inhabitants of the city filled with beauty and unexpected surprises.

The representatives of “Lewis Miller Design” claim that, quite possibly, will join the campaign and other US cities.

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