In Nikolaev reviewer from Kiev halt clearance “EuroBLECH” drivers claim about extortion of bribes

В Николаеве "проверяющие" из Киева затормозили растаможку "евроблях" – водители заявляют о вымогательстве взяток

In the Nikolaev customs of the profits seconded staff of the Department of organization of counteraction to customs offences and international cooperation of the SFS, which began to delay the process of customs clearance of vehicles with foreign registration.

About it “Crime.NO,” said a customs broker, who wished to remain anonymous.

At the disposal of edition there is an order of assignment of three staff members of the Department for a term of three to 15 days in Nikolaev for “further control measures”. The initiator of this decision was the head of the Department for combating smuggling of the state fiscal service of Ukraine Ruslan Firsov.

В Николаеве "проверяющие" из Киева затормозили растаможку "евроблях" – водители заявляют о вымогательстве взяток

According to the interlocutor, instead of the standard check of the car, which took about 10-15 minutes, arrived the customs officers conduct unreasonable an in-depth inspection, which is delayed 3 to 5 hours on one machine. In the end, there were serious delays in the procedure that resulted in the appearance of the queues.

Between drivers and customs officers there are skirmishes. The chief of a customs post “Konstantinovka” Alexander Eremenko has confirmed that his arriving colleagues have the right to an in-depth inspection of the car, but explains the delay of registration of the customs documentation inspections of legal entities.

At the same time, some drivers said that they have members of the Central office of the SFS had demanded money to expedite the procedure of customs clearance of the car. It is worth noting that the Kiev customs officials came on the eve of the expiration of the grace period. As you know, eight days to clear of the vehicle will be for 50% of the full cost of the procedure.