In October, Brooklyn Bridge Park will host the festival of vintage buses

В октябре в Brooklyn Bridge Park пройдет фестиваль винтажных автобусов

In October, Brooklyn Bridge Park will host the festival of vintage buses

Author: Natalia Osmolovskaya

Photo: NYTransitMuseum

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Another Bus Festival, resulting in a lot of curious boys and girls but also adults, will be held on Sunday, October 7, at 11 Water Street in Bridge Plaza.

Almost the whole day, from 10.00 to 16.00, the new York Museum of transportation (New York Transit Museum) will roll out of their garages on display several dozen buses, worked on the roads of the Big Apple in the 40-50-ies of XX century, and more modern, decommissioned 10-15 years ago.

During the 25th festival everyone will be able to visit the ancient salons, palpating each handrail, sat in a vintage chair for a moment to travel back in time.

A striking instance of the Museum’s collection — bus 3100, released in 1956, a well-known manufacturer — the 5th Avenue Coach Company. By the way, this is one of the first U.S. models with air conditioning.

Fans of Jackie Gleason will have the opportunity to sit in the bus 2969, known as the Jackie Gleason Bus. In the year of its release (1948) this bus got a room 4789, but later he was given a room 2969, like that on which Gleason was photographed in the role of Ralph Kramden, the hero of the show “bride and groom” (1951).

You will see the Brooklyn bus 2185, which was parked on 11 September 2001, opposite the World Trade Center. During the attack he was severely injured, but the MTA decided to restore it and make a symbol of endurance, painted in red, white, and blue.

The festival will also include equipment for evacuation of a failed public transport — both ancient and modern.

For children there is a special area where educational games and quests toddlers will translate the spirit after climbing in the bus. Adults at this time can make original photos in a special photo zones, listen to a lecture about the history of transportation and to buy Souvenirs.

Entrance to the festival of vintage public transport under the Brooklyn bridge — free for all.

By the way, October will delight residents and visitors of new York another event: October 8 at Rockefeller center again will open the famous ice skating rink.

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