In one of the captured Ukrainian sailors Russians identified “the executioner of the SBU”

В одном из пленных украинских моряков россияне опознали "палача из СБУ"

In Russia claim that the military captured Ukrainian sailors did not receive gunshot wounds, and received damage from “collapsed hull plating of the ship.” This was at the briefing on December 8 said the chief of investigative management of FSB of the Russian Federation Mikhail Shishov, reports Ukrainian Pravda.

“The damage received from the collapsed hull plating of the ship, the bullet wounds they have”, he said.

He also rejected the possibility of granting to the seamen as prisoners of war, explaining that Russia and Ukraine are not at war.

According to the investigator, the employee of SBU who was detained together with the sailors, already has identified a “resident of the Donetsk region”, which he allegedly was tortured in Berdyansk “the infliction of serious bodily harm”.

Wolski also explained that the decision to close the Kerch Strait before the incident, the military courts of Ukraine was due to “prevention of provocative actions” that could be exercised in respect of the bridge.

On November 25 at the Black sea border boats of the Russian FSB were to RAM a group of Ukrainian Navy ships, capturing two armored and tug “Yana Kapu”. Also arrested was 24 Ukrainian sailors, three of them were injured (this is confirmed by the Ukrainian Consul, who visited them in the detention center “Matrosskaya Tishina”).

21 arrested sailor is contained in the SIZO “Lefortovo”.

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