In one of the seas had a massive fish die

В одном из морей массово начала гибнуть рыба

Users of social networks warn that the fish have already appeared in local markets.

In the State Azov sea ecological inspection received information about a dead fish on the coast of the Azov sea near Mariupol. As reported on the site inspection, the cause of death of fish was the lack of oxygen in the water.

“Experts from the State Azov sea ecological inspection samples were taken of water in the Central beach area (o-R hotel Tourist). According to the results of laboratory tests revealed critically low dissolved oxygen content in the water – 1,7 – 1,8 mg / dm3 , at a rate of oxygen content in water less than 4 mg / dm3 , caused the death of a fish”, – stated in the message.

Department of state ecological supervision of the nature reserve Fund, forests, flora and fauna and biological resources conducted a survey of coastal areas, fixing dead specimens of the bull in the amount of 24-26 units on 1 square meter in size from 1-17cm.

The experts also took samples of contaminated sea water. Visual inspection of contamination have been identified. Meanwhile, social networking publish video from the coast of the Azov sea, dotted with the dead bull.

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