In Ontario caught the traffickers of migrants (PHOTOS)

В Онтарио поймали торговцев мигрантами (ФОТО)

The Ministry Border service of Canada stated that three people facing charges connected with the alleged exploitation and trafficking of migrant workers.

The Ministry claimed that the three defendants recruited migrant workers from the Philippines and other countries to work the mushroom in Ontario.

The investigation lasted a year until, as the charges were filed.

The owner of the Mushroom farm Sharon in Sharon, Ontario, Laxman Marsonia was charged with six counts of trafficking and one count of misrepresentation of the facts.

The owner of the company A&L Hammer Workforce Management in Toronto, Liwei (Lily) Miranda was charged with six counts of trafficking, four charges of illegal employment, and other charges.

And Yating Bera from Richmond hill, Ontario, was charged with two counts of distorting the facts.

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