In Paris was the beginning of open clashes “yellow jackets” with the police (video)

В Париже начались открытые столкновения "желтых жилетов" с полицией (видео)

In Paris there was the first collision of participants of the action “yellow jackets” with the police, at this point aware of the arrest of about five hundred people, reports Le Figaro.

Experts note that the number of those arrested far exceeded the figure for the same time on 1 December.

Police let the first tear gas grenades, surrounded the protesters.

“Yellow jackets” periodically moving in the direction of the police, singing the Marseillaise or shouting “Macron resigned.”

Meanwhile, the “yellow jackets” block the toll highway Villefranche-sur-Saone, lying on the roadway and preventing passage.

We will remind, on December 8 in Paris is already the fourth wave of the protests of the “yellow jackets.” Police took unprecedented security measures, and the city of Paris closed the Louvre and the Eiffel tower.

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