In Peru have discovered an ancient tomb of the Incas

В Перу обнаружили древнюю гробницу инков

Archaeologists have discovered the tomb of the Inca, in which were buried the elite representative of pre-Columbian civilization. The discovery was made at the site of Mata Indio in the Northern Lambayeque region of Peru.

Article relevant content published in Phys.

Experts believe that the tomb belonged to a noble Inca. The assumption is based on the presence of Spondylus — like sea shells, always present in the graves of important figures in the period from the XII to the XVI century. Grave had been plundered, possibly in search of treasure.

But despite evidence of looting, archaeologists have found valuable in cultural history objects, including vases. The burial place has a unique architecture, including a special recess for the accommodation of the idols.