In Poland found the mummy of a man with a nest of squirrels inside

В Польше нашли мумию человека с гнездом белок внутри

A dead man was located at a height of 25 meters on the branches of a tree. Scientists from the University of Wroclaw found in the woods in Poland mummified corpse, and inside it housed a nest of squirrels, and a body made their home bees and wasps, reports the with reference to

Experts found the dead man in the landing as much in 2016, but to establish the identity of the deceased failed until now. As it turned out, a mummy with a nest of squirrels inside was a man who went missing in 2003.

The body is well preserved, because the man was wearing two trousers and a t-shirt. The corpse was too high, therefore animals that feed on carrion, are unable to get to him.

Polish doctors say that the first encounter with the case when a squirrel builds a nest in the mummy. For these animals, such behavior is atypical. Scientists are going to begin a large-scale study of protein behavior, because, as it turned out, what they know about them enough.

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