In Poland, notably instructed the people musorivtsi on the road

В Польше знатно наказали людей, мусоривших на дороге

The poles did not like the behavior of foreigners.

Belarusians from the window of the minibus threw out three trash bags to the curb. However, local residents brought him back, reports the with reference on the Facts.

The incident took DVR truck in traffic on one of the roads. The video was published on YouTube channel of the Polish Stopham.

The video shows the back of a truck after he threw garbage out the driver and throws the waste back into the van, and the other pole on camera captures the numbers of the offender. One of the passengers in the van there is nothing left but to pick up the remaining debris from the curb.

In Poland, for throwing rubbish out of the car put a fine from 50 to 200 PLN (from 385 to 1500 hryvnia). The situation is similar in Belarus: it is an administrative violation, for it provides for liability to a fine ranging from 24 to 49 rubles (from 299 to 600 hryvnia).

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