In Russia, 80-year-old pensioner killed in a boarder from Ukraine

В РФ 80-летняя пенсионерка убила квартиранта из Украины

In Khabarovsk (Russia) 80-year-old woman killed her roommate, according to the Imprint of the Russian Federation in the Khabarovsk region, reports “Bagnet”.

According to authorities, in late January, near a heating duct in the village of Berezovka were found fragments of the bodies of men. His identity was established.

52-year-old man rented a room from a 80 year old pensioner. During a search of the property was discovered the blood of the victim.

The woman was taken into custody.

According to the newspaper “Komsomolskaya Pravda”, the dead man came from the Ukraine and worked as a janitor. The pensioner had worked with sabishisa on a pig farm.

The publication said that the woman is also a cannibal. The inside of the murdered men were found in the fridge, and the bones she threw out. Dogs took it on the streets.

In Sladkaia the fact of the cannibalism of the review was not given.

Neighbours said that the pensioner abused alcohol and was extremely conflicted.

According to them, the woman’s apartment was heard the knocks, as from chopping meat.

Media reports suggest that the pensioner may be involved in other disappearances. In her apartment allegedly found a passport, missing a few years ago women.