In Russia, the young girl died riding on the “cheesecake” (photo)

В России юная девушка погибла, катаясь на "ватрушке" (фото)

In Ryazan there was another emergency with fans tubing (people call them “donuts”). As reported by the press service of the local Department of the Russian interior Ministry, the incident happened after midnight at the Parking area of the shopping center “Lenta”.

According to law enforcement officers, 20-year-old driver of “Lada Kalina” was rolled on the tubing 19-year-old girl. In the process the tubing flew a parked truck. The girl died on the spot.

В России юная девушка погибла, катаясь на "ватрушке" (фото)

В России юная девушка погибла, катаясь на "ватрушке" (фото)

The incident

Now the driver of the car faces criminal liability with imprisonment up to five years.

Data about why the driver of “Lada Kalina” has decided to arrange “pokatushki” in the night, no. Similarly, it is not known whether he was sober at the time of the deadly incident.

Besides, it should be noted that the safety rules to ride the tubing is possible only in specially designated areas.

We will remind, in October in Moscow was killed in the accident Olga Petrova — blogger and Instagram star, which was called the sexiest biker Russia. She at high speed collided with a Volvo truck and died on the spot.

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