In Scotland found a rare model Land Rover

В Шотландии найдены раритетные модели Land Rover

On the Scottish store found a rare Land Rover In County Publisher located Scotland, found more than twenty vintage Land Rover models, writes the with reference to Avtodream

Among them are Snow Trac, which took part in the filming of the TV program Salvage Squad.

The most interesting discovery is Land Rover Series IIA light weight in a simplified configuration, which was released in December ‘ 68.

Being one of the oldest surviving copies of the model, this car has almost zero mileage and retained all the original equipment except for the canopy over the body, which had to be replaced because of tissue destruction over time.The car took part in military parades and was demobilized in the eighties.

Land Rover Defender 110 another impressive ceremony. This instance is a pickup truck, not SUV, and the body is a powerful lift. This solution is due to the fact that the car was a test pattern Defender 110, namely, a sample which tested the strength of the architecture of the future model.

The most unusual machine is found among all the experimental tractor for aircraft of the SRV-1, which, according to the current owner had under the hood a monstrous engine of 12 cylinders and as much as 600 horsepower.

В Шотландии найдены раритетные модели Land Rover

В Шотландии найдены раритетные модели Land Rover

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