In Serbia began a large-scale military exercises

В Сербии начались масштабные военные учения

The Balkan country will strengthen his offensive power thanks to a new technique.

Serbia held a major military exercise on Saturday, dedicated to the 100th anniversary since the end of the First world war – the move is a show of strength in the face of growing tensions with Kosovo.

The maneuvers called “Century of winners” involved 8,000 military personnel, 100 battle tanks and MiG-29 fighter jets supplied by Russia, the Associated Press reports.

The President of Serbia Aleksandar Vucic, who visited the venue of the exercise in different parts of Serbia, said that the Balkan country will strengthen its offensive power due to new technology, including helicopters, 30 combat tanks from Russia and drones from China.

“We strongly reinforce our troops … No one in the region, except Romania, can match with us,” said Vucic state broadcaster RTS.

Recently tensions in the region grew amid bilateral accusations by Serbia and Kosovo to undermine the efforts for reconciliation after the war of 1998-99. The former Serbian province declared independence in 2008, which Belgrade does not recognize.

Serbian officials are particularly concerned about the plans of the management to transform Kosovo security force into a regular army. Serbs warn that will react to this move and will “protect” the Serbian minority in Kosovo.

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