In Sicily arrested 25 mafia

На Сицилии арестовали 25 мафиози

The company said it conducted large-scale arrests of drug dealers. Lately, law enforcement authorities stepped up the fight against family clans that continue to live based on the novel “the Godfather”. Weekly reported police operations in one city, then another, writes the with reference on the Beta.

Retribution caught up with members of the largest mafia structure in a quarter-century — 25 detainees. And this, according to the police, only the beginning. In the 90s those are the Sicilian town of Sochi called “bloody”: trafficking in drugs or weapons to the members of the criminal group was a family business. According to police, warring clans, Salamone and Pirello killing each other to establish their authority.

But all this time the police had direct evidence. And now, when they appeared to need was a formal pretext for the arrest of criminals. And here it is — the hemp plantation, which was selling the mafia. As a result of the RAID, the owners of the landings handcuffed. And their profitable business was left but ash and ash.

The creation of drug trafficking is only a small fraction of the charges that are prepared to show the police. We are talking about a series of murders that in some way involved in the detainees. Among them are women, and venerable age men. The oldest — 81. During searches in houses of members of the criminal cartel found an Arsenal worthy of the Museum stands, is a rare weapon.

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