In Sweden have filmed an unidentified object, put a beam in the lake

В Швеции сняли неопознанный объект, пустивший луч в озеро

Ufologists believe that UFOs have extraterrestrial origin.

The residents of the Swedish town of Strängnäs Karina Lindquist and her buddy Mike witnessed an amazing phenomenon. Witnesses said that went after midnight to walk to the lake mälaren. Fortunately, the weather was favorable this night of entertainment, reports the with reference to Esoreiter.

However, where they waited at first some disappointment, and then real fear, bordering on surprise and admiration, because they suddenly saw a large, glowing yellow object hovering over the pond and started to him a mysterious beam. Friends immediately realized that this “flying saucer”, is pumped from the lake water, and captured her on camera phones. After returning home, the witness immediately posted a film clip on the Internet.

Despite the fact that the videos below, received by the Swedes, has a relatively low quality, it can be clearly seen glowing “plate” over the night lake, which is right in the water goes down a bright yellow shining light.

According to ufologists, it looks like a scene from some sci-Fi movie UFO is pumping water from the lake, but we are not fiction, but a reality. Unidentified objects, they say, in fact, tend to take from the Earth not only people and animals, but also much more, including fresh water. And one can only speculate as to why she needed the “green men”.

Skeptics, in turn, did not fail to add to the “barrel of honey” his “spoon of tar”, saying that very dubious video quality like filmed it all on a smartphone with a camera less than 3 megapixels (MP) – this can be found except in the cheapest mobile phones and old devices (poor unfortunate Swedes who do not have the opportunity to purchase a modern smartphone with decent camera)…

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