In Sweden, the mother changed the name of the son because of a tattoo

В Швеции мать поменяла имя сыну из-за татуировки

The woman had a choice to make a tattoo or to change the child’s name, she chose the latter

In Sweden Johanna Gisela Sundstrom decided to change the name of his son after an unsuccessful visit to a tattoo parlor.

The woman initially wanted to fill in the arm tattoos with names New daughter and son Kevin. Returning home, she found that instead of “Kevin” on the hand was Packed with “Kelvin”

She returned to the salon, but the wizard only laughed at the mistake. And remembered that she did not check the sketch before applying. He returned to the woman’s money and gave the contacts where driving tattoo. Learn that tattoo removal is not very pleasant procedure, Johanna decided to name his son Calvin.

“I had never heard of the name Calvin. No one calls so their children. So when I reflected, I realized that no one will have that name. It is unique. Now we are sure that this name is better than Kevin,” said Johanna.

The story happened three years ago when the boy was about two years old, and he absolutely did not notice the change.

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