In swimsuits and headdresses song Polyakova said that the fun of beauty contest in the occupied…

В купальниках и кокошниках под песню Поляковой: в сети высмеяли конкурс красоты в оккупированной...

In Gorlovka in the occupied part of Donbass held a beauty contest “Miss Gorlovka 2018”. It is competed among 14 girls.

The video contest was published in the Facebook group under the name Stew.Lee. “The exhibition meat and dairy products in the headdress. Beauty contest “Miss Deep Gorlovka 2018”, — reads the inscription under the video.

The video shows how in a classic fashion show, the girls appeared in a very revealing bathing suits to the song Polyakova, for which he was criticized by users.

Of the readers group, said the outdated style of the event.

“Retro-style, back in the 90s ((((“, “time Machines exist”, “What a farm! Naphthalene and bad taste. They themselves are not ashamed?” “MIS farm slaughtered village”, “How pathetic all! Creepy creepy”, — they write.

Other commentators have noted the obvious tastelessness of the show, bordering on pornography.

“It is from despair. I want to live beautifully, and is not possible. Here and doing this. But it’s still better than prostitution”, “Girls are no longer waiting trucks, and the tram is heard in the song. The Stakhanov movement!”, “What a nice slat-shaming”, OMG, “Girls for sale and for rent”, “I don’t understand why they choose such a long way — you can immediately to audition for some Hustler to go”, — assured the adherents of this point of view.

And finally, there were the users that what he saw just made me laugh: “Kokoshniki, Polyakova — the first signs of Vatopedi! Honestly, it is not clear where the bears and balalaikas”, “Chashniki between the rolls to insert”, “Kokoshniks rooted in the head”.

In fairness it should be noted that incidents with the beauty contests are not only “pseudo-republics”. As previously reported “FACTS”, 22-year-old guy, pretending to be a girl, was a finalist in the beauty contest in Kazakhstan.

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