In Tajikistan during a prison riot killed 25 prisoners

В Таджикистане во время бунта в тюрьме убили 25 заключенных

A riot occurred in the prison in the city of Khujand

In Tajikistan, during the suppression of a riot in a maximum security prison in the city of Khujand security forces killed at least 25 inmates. Also killed two employees of local law enforcement.

A riot occurred in the prison in the city of Khujand, which is 300 km North from the capital of Tajikistan – Dushanbe.

According to sources in the Ministry of internal Affairs, the unrest began when one prisoner, whom authorities believe a member of the group “Islamic state” attacked the guard.

In turn, the prison administration called the division of security forces, and suppressed the unrest, said the intelligence officer on condition of anonymity.

Local authorities confirmed the occurrence of a riot in the prison, however, no public comments have yet been given.

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