In Tanzania Cheetah decided to take a ride in a jeep

В Танзании гепард решил проехаться на джипе

The passenger was not expected.

In Tanzania during a Safari in an open jeep window staying popped the Cheetah, reports the with reference to Comments.

“22-year-old tourist Briton Hayes during a photo Safari in Tanzania, nearly became the prey of young cheetahs. The local guide advised Haynes not to move and not to look animals in the eye, so that the predators do not consider him a threat”, – stated in the message.

In the video, which still managed to shoot the tourist, it is clear that the first beast climbed in the back seat. Sitting behind the wheel of the driver in the voltage measurement.

Then the predator folded her legs the headrest of the passenger seat and sniffed and licked it, then looked in the sunroof.

After he climbed onto the hood of the car and started to observe the surrounding reality. In the background is another of his kinsman. Aggression animals did not show.

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