In the administration of U.S. President named the main achievements of the trump

В администрации президента США назвали главные достижения Трампа

Donald trump came into the powers of the President of the United States January 20, 2017.

The manifestation of a tough position toward Russia is one of the major foreign policy achievements of Donald trump during the period from the beginning of his presidency, according to the with reference to the Telegraph.

“There are a number of important foreign policy accomplishments,” said White house spokesman in response to a request of journalists to list the major achievements of the President of trump for the first 500 days of his stay in power.

“Of course, in my opinion, is the strengthening of relations with many foreign leaders. I think that the conversation (with Kim Jong-UN – ]), which we look forward to in the coming weeks, is certainly a step in the right direction. The transfer of the Embassy in Israel, of course also in this list is a manifestation of the tough stance against Russia,” stressed Sanders.

In addition, the list of accomplishments of the current President of the United States, she added a tough stance in matters of foreign trade for countries that are engaged in “unfair” trade practices.

“These are just a few aspects. But of course, I think this list can be continued”, – said the press Secretary of the White house.

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