In the ancient manuscripts found evidence of the existence of aliens

В древней рукописи нашли доказательства существования пришельцев

The manuscript told about the kidnapping of Chinese aliens.

The Ministry of culture of the PRC recently received as a gift from a private collector more than five hundred manuscripts of the Ming dynasty, among whom were the most wonderful manuscript, the Chronicle with reference to Esoreiter.

If all the documents were mostly devoted to history, medicine and martial arts, which is consistent with the interests of the Chinese of the XVI century, unique manuscript, presumably Dating from 1528 year, talks about the incredible adventure of one of the villagers – Mason, who had once seen a UFO and took it for a falling star.

After determining the approximate place of falling of “stars”, the village craftsman, apparently, possessing an inquiring mind of a researcher, went in search of her in the mountains. And our has this place, that’s the only “star” was a strange round building, made of some shiny metal or covered with unknown Mason paint.

Surprise and mystical fear of discovery, the Chinese were deprived of even the senses, and when I came to, I realized that in a strange cold room, evenly lit red. And around Mason fussed creepy three-eyed creatures in amazing clothes and muttering something in a strange, kind of like a bird language.

Horror Chinese again plunged into resosnance, and when I woke up from another fainting spell, I realized that he was lying on the ground near his village. The man could not grasp, as he returned from the mountains, and fragmentary memories of the three-eyed creatures made him assume that it was just a dream, or rather nightmare.

But the nightmare continued awake, because Mason, as it turned out, was absent in the village for more than a year, and it has long been considered missing. In the story of the Chinese man about his adventure, no one believed, as indeed he himself was not convinced that he was dreaming.

However, the author of the manuscript, which will now go to the Ministry of culture of China, was a man apparently educated, who conducted its own investigation, convinced of the veracity of Mason. This is indirectly confirmed by the red scar on his chest, which until this event had no host, and no one in the village did not notice it at the man. Moreover, this strange scar soon most mysteriously disappeared from the body of Mason…

All this is described in a manuscript by the Chinese historian. Unfortunately, in the ancient treatise is no longer any information about that amazing event…

В древней рукописи нашли доказательства существования пришельцев

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