In the area of Chernobyl has discovered the last wild horses on Earth

В зоне ЧАЭС обнаружили последних диких лошадей на Земле

These horses early in the Chernobyl zone were in small numbers, but later bred.

Scientists believe that the territory of the exclusion zone of the Chernobyl nuclear power plant may be about 110 species of wild horses.

This was reported in the State Agency of Ukraine on exclusion zone management.

Horses were brought to the exclusion zone in 1998 from the reserve Askania-Nova. The Agency noted that at that time the population consisted of 20 individuals, but since then the number of animals has increased several times.

Scientific expedition of the Warsaw University of life Sciences, Institute of Zoology named Schmalhausen NAS of Ukraine, biosphere reserve Askania Nova and the Chernobyl radiation-ecological biosphere reserve identified 48 Przewalski’s horses in the area.

Przewalski’s horse – the last wild horses on Earth. In the natural environment, the people they destroyed in the XX century. They are listed in the International Red book as a species on the brink of extinction.

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