In the caves of great Britain discovered hundreds of “traces of the witch”

В пещерах Великобритании обнаружены сотни "следов ведьм"

In the caves of Creswell Crags in the UK find hundreds of “witches ‘ marks” carved in stone. The ancestors of the British were trying to scare away the mysterious characters of evil spirits.

According to Daily Mail, the two pioneers of group Subterranea Britannica found numerous “marks of the witch” in the complex limestone caves of Creswell Crags. The latter are located between the adjacent Derbyshire and Nottinghamshire in the UK. Ed waters and Haley Clark said that the ceilings and walls of the caves were covered with protective signs and inscriptions. Tourists saw them when walking through the complex.

В пещерах Великобритании обнаружены сотни "следов ведьм"

Experts say that graffiti left by local residents, even when the caves are closed to access. Apostrophie marks are called “marks of the witch” and often find in old churches and houses.

They scrabbled at the Windows, sills, fireplaces and other areas through which you can get into the room. The tenants were thus scared off evil spirits. In Creswell Crags some characters superimposed on the other for years, and the last time settlers were forced to return to the cave of bad yield, someone’s illness or sudden death.