In the clouds over Russia began to appear unusual emptiness

В облаках над Россией стали появляться необычные пустоты

The cause of the mysterious weather events is still unknown.

In science, all clouds should be classified by meteorologists: this is necessary in order to accurately describe the current weather situation and then to create the most accurate forecast. It is important to note that the meteorological organization periodically updates its “Atlas of clouds,” according to the with reference to the news of the world.

There are such forms of clouds that appear very rarely and, plus, only in specific areas. One of these days, June 15 residents of the village of Ropsha (Russian Federation, Leningrad region) has photographed a strange cloud in the middle of which was empty.

Scientists said that this is not an anomaly, but a special form of the heavenly bodies: in the field of altocumulus or cirrocumulus clouds sometimes have a round or oval openings with smooth edges. In the Central part of the “holes” are usually the thinnest strips falling ice crystals.

Meteorologists refer to as shown in photos the phenomenon of “leaky clouds.” “Gaps” in the heavens are formed, as scientists have found, due to the appearance of condensation nuclei, which are the products of combustion of fuel in air transport.

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