In the Czech Republic was a scandal because the President paid Parking

В Чехии разгорелся скандал из-за оплаченной президентом парковки

The mayor of the Czech town plzeň refused to forgive the President of the country Milos Zeman bill for Parking at CZK 1 066. The debt arose after the official visit of the head of state in the autumn of last year: while the President’s motorcade stopped in front of the regional administration building, occupying 13 paid Parking spaces. As reported, the day has run 1066 kroons, reports the with reference to Autoblog.

The organizer of the visit of the head of state was made by the Pilsen region, who asked the city authorities to write off expenses for official visits is a common practice. However, the municipality refused. “We are convinced that miloš Zeman is not a person who adequately represents and protects the interests of the Republic. He rather harm the reputation of the country”, – said the Deputy mayor of plzeň, Pavel Sindelar.

Regional authorities repaid the debt from its budget. Learning of this, the press Secretary of the President Jiri Ovcacek defiantly sent 1 066 kč to the account of the city charities Diecézní charita Plzeň, calling officials of the plzeň city hall “political freaks.” However, the benefactors receive funding refused, returning the money to the press Secretary. Ovcacek refusal was not accepted, and sent 1 066 kč again. What happened next was not reported, but the Director of the organization spoke quite sharply against such “jokes”.

“The money we morally do not belong. We were not asked and do not want to be a tool of someone else’s jokes. Donations that do not have a clear goal, we cannot accept, and do not want,” said Jiri LOTR, Director Diecézní charita Plzeň Behaviour of the press Secretary of the President did not like for many Czech politicians: “I think that Jiri Ovcacek day by day becoming more and more daring. He insults the legally elected government representatives that to do so is clearly should not be”, — said the Senator Vaclav Chaloupek.

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