In the deep ocean found ancient trees thousands of miles from land

В глубоком океане найдены древние деревья - в тысячах километров от суши

The trees of ancient forest, discovered in the deep ocean, grew up a thousand miles from land.

The remains of ancient forests have been discovered deep under the sea – scientists have found the remains of the thickets by the age of 19 million years in sediment layers at the bottom of the Bay of Bengal. The researchers, led by Sarah Feakins (Sarah Feakins) from the University of southern California in Los Angeles conducted drilling at a depth of more than two miles from the surface of the ocean. Analyzing a sample of silt, the team found traces of trees, which, according to their calculations, grew up in the lowlands on the banks. However, in the same layer was also detected tree growing high in the mountains of the Himalayas.

Most likely, they are washed into the ocean a powerful release of water, e.g., from a rupture of a natural dam, landslide, or melting of the glacier. Then they carried over from cyclones and monsoons thousands of miles deep into the ocean, suggest the authors.

The results were published in PNAS.