In the desert near Las Vegas found the body of a woman, filled with concrete

В пустыне около Лас-Вегаса нашли тело женщины, залитое бетоном

The body of 24-year-old Esmeralda Gonzalez (Esmeralda Gonzalez) was found in the Nevada desert inside the concrete structure. A suspect in her murder was arrested.

Police arrested 45-year-old Christopher Prestipino after a young woman’s body found inside concrete structures in the desert outside of Las Vegas. According to court records, Christopher Prestipino charged with murder, conspiracy to commit murder and kidnapping.

Gonzalez went missing on may 31. Investigators found that a woman Prestipino keep in my house against my will and later killed. He then hid the body, plugging it with concrete. The details of the case are established.