In the dirtiest country of Europe began “cleaning”

В самой грязной стране Европы начали "уборку"

In Ireland, the program started Sky Ocean Rescue.A recent survey showed that 85% of Irish people are concerned about how much plastic they use, reports the

Ireland is the most polluted country in Europe for plastic waste. Today its residents are increasingly concerned about the impact of plastic on the environment.

Island country produces 61 kg of plastic waste per person every year.

Each person uses on average six plastic bottles in weeks, and if they put in a series, will be released distance from Dublin to Boston.

Most people in Ireland (82%) believe that plastic waste is one of the most serious problems facing their country, with two-thirds of people admitted that they had found debris from the plastic in rivers and lakes.

Sky Ireland Rescue was launched in Ireland with a host of Plasticos, 10-meter whale that consists of a quarter ton of plastic, so the locals could have imagined the amount of debris that enters the world’s oceans every second.

Activists will collect and dispose of trash on the beaches of the country.

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