In the Dnieper released more than a million rare fish

В Днепр выпустили более миллиона редких рыб

In the Kherson region marked the international day of the Dnieper.

During the week there in the river have produced nearly half a million sturgeon. Royal fish – sturgeon, sterlet, Beluga. Once their home was the sea of Azov and the Black sea, however, in the 90-ies of the poachers have virtually destroyed a rare fish known for its caviar. So now they have to breed artificially, with microscopic eggs.

The only European sturgeon plant is located in the Kherson region. The staff noted that the state program for the stocking of reservoirs threatened species remained.

“First, there is the fertilization of the eggs, and then incubation is carried out and growing larvae. The next technological step is the growing of juveniles in ponds, and the final stage is the release of juveniles into natural waters from ponds,” – said the Deputy Director of the Dnieper sturgeon plant Konstantin Masnago.

A week in the Dnieper river in the Kherson region released nearly half a million sturgeon. How is the stocking, watching the special Commission. From the Dnieper fish swim to the estuary and then goes to the sea, and the river will return to spawn. But the sturgeon and sterlet have to grow at least 12 years.

But catching red-listed fish species in Ukraine is strictly prohibited. So, for each captured sturgeon poachers face a maximum of 2,5 thousand hryvnias of a penalty. And even even imprisonment if they fish during spawning.

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