In the forests of China filmed “walking” ate (video)

В лесах Китая засняли "ходячие" ели (видео)

Creepy video appeared on the Chinese social network Douyin. On the record, made two guys are eating, which move, as if alive. About it write “news of the planet”.

The Chinese during the incident were in the forest, suddenly they saw one snow-covered hill are actively moving trees. Once video evidence was ready, the young people hurried to leave the forest.

Many users of the Chinese site believe that video is staged. According to skeptics, the guys could swing the branches in front of the camera, “playing” with the prospect. The quality of the recording could well afford to carry out the hoax.

There were also people who led some of the myths and tales of the walking anthropomorphic trees. In the texts it is said that such creatures protecting nature, protecting their confined counterparts. This protector is called a hobgoblin or a Kobold.

About the world we know virtually nothing, so stupid something categorically to deny or, on the contrary, to accept for the truth. If we are, in the opinion of some people who live in the matrix, in our world, can be the most different anomalies, which are computer graphics.