In the fourth year of the war: more than 40% of Russians expressed hope for the restoration of friendship with Ukraine

На четвертом году войны: более 40% россиян выразили надежду на восстановление дружбы с Украиной

More than 40% of Russians think that in the future relations between Russia and Ukraine will be restored. It follows from results of poll VTsIOM, Russian media writes.

Sociologists asked Russians to answer the question of how they see the future of Russian-Ukrainian relations. 43% of respondents said that relationship sooner or later will be restored as friends and allies.

Another 34% believe that relations are normalised, but the friendly and fraternal, as before, it will never be. 16% of Russians think that they will continue to deteriorate. Undecided seven percent of the respondents.

The initiative Russian opinion “polls-Sputnik” held on 27 November 2018. In a telephone interview involved more than a thousand people over 18 years old. The survey was conducted in connection with the capture of three Russian military ships of the Ukrainian Navy.

As previously reported “FACTS”, about half of Ukrainians loves Poland hates Russia. So, 50% of Ukrainians feel “warm” or “very warm” attitude to Poland, while 52% of “cold” or “very cold” attitude to Russia. Also we will remind that on Sunday in the center of Kiev, two young activists staged a provocative action: they walked side by side, marched through Khreshchatyk, wrapped in the flags of Ukraine and Russia. The action under the conditional name “Hug it out, brothers” Kiev is not rated and called the police.

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