In the hands of serpentbloom Virginia was a rare two-headed snake

В руки серпентологов Виргинии попала редкая двуглавая змея

In the hands of serpentbloom Virginia was a rare two-headed snake

Author: Natalia Osmolovskaya

Photo: Wildlifecenter

Virginia two-headed snake US news

To detect in his yard odnovolova moccasin — itself a scary event. Although its venom is not as strong as, for example, a rattlesnake, and rarely leads to death.

Whatever it was, to meet such a creeper on the porch is always scary. And dangerous if a guest has not one, but two heads? Most of us would be horrified, but for any researcher in the field of serpentarii two-headed serpent — the dream of a lifetime!

It headed odnovolova, or wood, a snake found on your lawn early in the month a resident of Woodbridge (North Virginia). A unique specimen, caught a young of your species, were caught and then placed in the hands of experts from the wildlife Center of this state. Dr. Ernesto Dominguez, who is a fan of poisonous snakes, was a good opportunity to better understand the anatomy of such abnormal cold-blooded, because in natural conditions, they do not last long.

Two heads are better than one, and, in this case, more and more poisonous.

Thanks to the radiograph, the researcher found that the two-headed reptile has 2 trachea, 2 esophagus, 1 heart and 1 set of lungs. Of the trachea developed more than the left, and esophagus — right. According to the detected anatomical features, it would be logical that food got to the right head, not the left, but in fact it is not, because we caught the snake left head is dominant: it is right to actively react to various stimuli.

Dr. Dominguez will continue to monitor the two-headed serpent, if he survives, then in the future it is planned to give to an educational institution (which has not yet been addressed).

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