In the heart of an 11-year-old girl found a needle

В сердце у 11-летней девочки нашли иглу

After a young girl’s heart found a needle, the doctors called the police.

After two heart surgeries to remove the object of the 11-year-old Chinese woman is still fighting for his life. Doctors still can not understand how 7-inch needle has entered the body, pierced the heart while the child was still alive. The investigation was handed over to police in Heilongjiang province.

The doctors were surprised to find a steel needle with a hole at one end in the heart of the 11-year-old girl, when she was hospitalized with chest pain. According to news portal last week, the girl complained to her parents on sick, and she was sent to children’s hospital of Harbin. She had a suspicion of myocarditis, but the scan revealed a strange cause of the pain – long needle, sticking in heart.

The needle was moving with each heart beat, and the girl had two operations to remove it. The girl’s condition after two treatments – unstable.