In the hospitals of Bucharest has benefited hundreds of victims of police action

В больницы Бухареста обратились сотни пострадавших от действий полиции

To disperse the rally suffered at least 435 people.

In the Romanian capital Bucharest, as result of the violent dispersal of anti-government rally injured more than 400 people, according to the with reference to the channel 112.

At the moment, for medical assistance to more than 435 people. Of these, 45 people were taken to hospital. Just to the protest in Bucharest was out of about 200 thousand people.

Earlier in Bucharest during the anti-government protests, clashes of protesters with the police. Law enforcement officers used tear gas canisters and water cannons.

Note that Bucharest is hosting a rally against the ruling coalition headed by the Social democratic party. Protesters urge government to resign and hold early elections. In addition, among the requirements is to adhere to justice and prevent to power people with criminal records.

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