In the Irish bar caught a Ghost from the Titanic

В ирландском баре засняли призрака из "Титаника"

Ghost “lit up” at the bar.

In Northern Ireland, a man and woman claim that they managed to capture on a photo of a Ghost in the bar, which is a lot of things with the infamous ship “Titanic”, reports the with reference to

Shots were taken in by the Robinsons pub in Belfast where the ship was launched. Cheryl Harkless was there with her husband Luke and his parents.

At the bar, where visitors can see letters and cards from the ship, the couple decided to make a joint photo. At this point, the husband and wife, as they say, has felt the chill behind their backs. Photos decided to watch on the plane on the way to England. According to them, in the photo behind them captured the Ghost. They believe that he is like captain Edward John Smith.

The couple believe that the sad Ghost watched the band that was playing right of them.

В ирландском баре засняли призрака из "Титаника"

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