In the London mansion of Paul McCartney broke to the uninvited guests

В лондонский особняк Пола Маккартни вломились незваные гости

On Friday, December 14, British media reported that a week ago, unknown perpetrators have visited London mansion of sir Paul McCartney. Thieves broke into a house worth 13 million dollars the evening of 7 December. The legendary musician was giving a concert in Vienna.

Newspaper the Daily Mail quoted neighbors McCartney. They claim that at about 18:20 in the mansion of musician suddenly lit up a light. The house was fully lit. Before him stood five police cars with lights flashing.

В лондонский особняк Пола Маккартни вломились незваные гости

McCartney’s mansion in London

“Police were everywhere in the house. And sir Paul and his wife Nancy, we have not seen. The patrol car left just before midnight” — say the neighbors.

The police confirmed that the house indeed McCartney was visited by uninvited guests. It is not yet clear if they stole anything. Sir Paul in London until he returned. He is now busy touring Freshen Up. Wednesday, December 12, gave a concert in his native Liverpool. Where his third wife Nancy Shevell (pictured in the header along with McCartney), the media do not know.

Neighbours of sir Paul say that the musician is leading a very normal life. He goes out without bodyguards, he goes shopping in the supermarket, are willing to stop to chat. Yes, the house is equipped with surveillance cameras. It is unclear how the criminals managed to deceive the security system.

Obviously, the 76-year-old McCartney will now have to take additional security measures. It is hardly necessary to recall that his friend George Harrison was a victim of armed robbers at his home in December 1999. He was 54 years old. Harrison was stabbed several times.

By a strange coincidence, the criminals broke into the mansion McCartney on the eve of the 38th anniversary of the assassination of John Lennon. The musician was shot dead on 8 December 1980 in new York.

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