In the Netherlands, found an unknown painting by Rembrandt

В Нидерландах нашли неизвестную картину Рембрандта

According to experts, the painting was painted in 1634.

Previously unknown painting by Rembrandt Harmensz van Rijn was discovered in the Netherlands. According to experts, the portrait of the unknown young men could be written by the artist in 1634.

It is assumed that the painting is called “portrait of a young man” and is part of a diptych.

Picture a year and a half ago acquired an art historian and art dealer Jan six at Christie’s auction. Then the cost of painting amounted to 137 thousand pounds (185,7 thousand dollars).

It was assumed that the film was written by one of the disciples of Rembrandt, however, 15 of the experts confirmed that it belongs to the brush of a great artist. Perhaps in the future, the painting will again be put up for auction.

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