In the Network appeared renderings of the possible appearance of the new Aston Martin

В Сети появились рендеры возможного внешнего вида нового Aston Martin

Experts have shown the likely appearance of the car for rendering.

We have repeatedly heard about the possible appearance of the SUV from Aston Martin, but still nobody can suggest how he might look, according to the with reference to AvtoDream.

Therefore, the independent experts decided to show their vision of the competitor to the Lamborghini Urus.

Work on the DBX crossover SUV Aston Martin has officially confirmed, however the design remains a mystery. Therefore, independent designers undertook to demonstrate its own vision of the future model.

The basis was taken design from supercar DB11. On the photo clearly that the next crossover will certainly get a recognizable corporate identity.

It is worth noting that the hood on the figure is a little shorter than one might expect. This is most likely a consequence of increased space inside the car, which got four doors, and a lot of space for rear passengers. The rest of the body has also undergone some changes, and now the windshield is more upright.

The back and the roof also turned out less rapidly, which puts into question the dynamic characteristics of the future model. Of course, now we only look at the preliminary work, an independent designer, but it is based on extensive experience, the results of other companies and on the corporate style of the British brand. So it has all chances to be really close to reality.

It is also worth noting, the company, Aston Martin certainly won’t create a full-fledged SUV and submit the vehicle SUV class, which will perform in the same class as Lamborghini Urus.

Unfortunately, to speak about any details on the technical equipment very early. Now in the web there are only rumors that speak of completely different theories – from the small turbo to the big “atmosferico”. There have also been suggestions about electrical installation. Surely we can say only one thing – the car will never get a diesel engine. About this categorically voted the top Manager of the company Marek Reichman.

Regardless of which features will get the car – we are confident that its value will match the luxury models and will be available exclusively for the richest people.

В Сети появились рендеры возможного внешнего вида нового Aston Martin

В Сети появились рендеры возможного внешнего вида нового Aston Martin

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