In the network appeared the trailer for the new tales from Disney (Video)

В сети появился трейлер новой сказки от Disney (Видео)

In the network appeared official official trailer of the upcoming fairy tale “the Nutcracker and the Four kingdoms” from the creators of “beauty and the beast” and “Maleficent”.

World premiere adventure tale “the Nutcracker and the Four kingdoms” is scheduled for November 2, 2018. The Director of the movie was nominated for the award “Oscar” Lasse Hallstrom (“Dog’s life”, “Hachiko”, “Dear John”, “Quiet Harbor”).

The film tells about a girl named Clara, which will go on an incredible journey across different kingdoms. She meets many fantasy creatures and visit the good and the magic Kingdom, but it will have to deal with the dark side of the Wizarding world. In a dark and terrible Kingdom she will have to find the Nutcracker.

The main role in the tape played by the star of the “Twilight” Saga, Mackenzie Foy, which is also known in movies like “interstellar”, “the Conjuring” and others.

In addition to Foy, the film also starred, Kirua Knightley (“Pride and prejudice”, “pirates of the Caribbean”, “haunted beauty”), Morgan Freeman (“the Shawshank redemption”, “not Yet played in a box”, “the Illusion of deception”), Helen Mirren (“Ghostly beauty”, “Queen”, “Spices and passion”) and others.

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