In the network appeared the trailer of a documentary about Whitney Houston the shocking details of her rape

Whitney Houston

Yesterday, may 16, in Cannes premiere of the documentary film “Whitney,” about the American singer Whitney Houston, who died six years ago at the age of 48 years (the official reason is called drowning). The Director of the film made by Kevin MacDonald in 2000 which received the award “Oscar” for his other documentary work — the painting “One day in September” (One Day in September).

In a film about the legendary American singer includes not only rare footage, archival photos, and never seen the light of composition, but also interviews with those close to the stars, through which fans of the singer will be able to learn some details of her childhood (and quite shocking).

So, brother Houston, Gary garland, said that as a child, Whitney was raped by her cousin Dee Dee Warwick.

He told me that Warwick abused him. And he thought that Whitney was also subjected to violence from her side. And the wife of Garland, Pat Houston confirmed that Whitney was raped by Warwick, the singer herself told her,

says McDonald.

Dee Dee Warwick

Later confirmed by the singer’s aunt, Mary Jones. The Director also said that he had asked for the comment to former spouse Houston Bobby brown, but he was not aware of.

Do not be surprised if Houston him nothing about it said

— concluded the Director.

In wide release, the movie will be released July 6.

Whitney Houston and Bobby brown in “Whitney”
Whitney Houston with mother Cissy in the movie “Whitney”
Whitney Houston in “Whitney”

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