In the network compare wedding dresses Princess Eugenie, Meghan Markle and Kate Middleton

Kate Middleton, Princess Eugenie, Meghan Markle

Today, 12 October, the British Windsor adopted for the second Royal wedding this year. Five months later after the Grand wedding ceremony of Prince Harry and Meghan Markle, the streets of a small town is again filled with a curious audience and celebrity guests, the celebration of the wedding of the Princess Evgeniia and Jack Brooksbank. And spectators have something to discuss in the first place of special interest, of course, the bride’s outfit, which began to compare with the dresses Meghan Markle and Kate Middleton. SPLETNIK.RU offers you remember the outfits and choose the best.

Dress Princess Eugenie

Princess of York admitted in an interview with British Vogue, after the banns knew what dress she wanted to wear on this special day for her. Eugene immediately asked designers London brand Peter Pilotto, whom I met several years ago at an event dedicated to women artists.

28-year-old cousin of Prince William and Prince Harry participated actively in the creation of the outfit — as a result of joint creativity has turned a dress made of silk and jacquard fabric with long sleeves, full skirt, fairly deep V-neck and open back bride — to-be wanted to demonstrate his scars left from the surgery for correction of scoliosis, which she suffered at the age of 12 years. From wedding veils bride refused to have the scar is not closed even weightless chiffon fabric for Evgenia, it was particularly important.

I think you can change the perception of beauty, if you show people your scars,

— Eugene said in an interview with British newspaper This Morning.

Princess Eugenie

However, to hide from the public under the veil it would be a pity and a luxurious tiara that was chosen by the Princess. Stylized Russian kokoshnik emerald jewelry she borrowed from Queen Elizabeth II, which jewel, in turn, inherited from the mother.

The dress Eugenie is quite challenging fit is built on the shoulders of the fabric draped on the back and goes into a long train. Outfit sewed layer by layer, from the corset and podobnik to the luxurious top of the skirt, woven, utilizing the latest technology, the Italian master.

Dress Meghan Markle

Unlike the Patriotic Princess Eugenie, Meghan Markle at the time, surprised the audience with the fact that chose a dress from the French brand Givenchy. However, to accuse the Duchess of Sussex was difficult, because the creative Director of the brand is a Briton Claire white Keller, and that she was responsible for creating the wedding dress.

Prince Harry and Meghan Markle

Many dress Megan seemed quite humble, because it had almost no decoration, but fashion critics praised the style, which embodied the characteristic of Givenchy style, combining minimalism and elegance. Lace and deep neckline in the dress was not, but the dress was adorned with a boat neckline, exposing her shoulders. In addition, many said that the dress was Omasum simple wedding dress black Angela brown, who in 2000, she married Prince Maximilian of Liechtenstein.

The outfit was complemented by a five-meter veil embroidered with flowers-symbols of the countries of the Commonwealth, at a cost of 135 thousand dollars. Head Markle in her wedding day decorated the diamond tiara of Queen Mary, grandmother of Elizabeth II.

Dress Kate Middleton

The process of creating the dress for the future Duchess of Cambridge was held in an atmosphere of secrecy, which would have envied and intelligence agencies. According to the memoirs of the workers of the Atelier Alexander McQueen (namely the British brand and was responsible for creating the wedding dress of Kate) on the door even changed the combination locks, to enter the premises could not even cleaners.

Prince William and Kate Middleton

The measures taken have been recovered — satin dress with lace sleeves and almost three-meter veil furor and creative Director of the brand Sarah Burton after the Royal wedding got the title of “designer of the year” by the magazine Harper’s Bazaar.

Not done here, without floral motives: the sleeves and the bodice was decorated with lace flowers-symbols of great Britain — thistles, roses, clover leaves and daffodils. The lace was made at the Royal school of needlework, the outfit also used vintage French Chantilly lace is a tribute to the tradition in which the bride must be wearing something old. Under the veil Kate had a tiara from Cartier with 739 brilliants.

All three Royal bride chose an elegant gown with long sleeves and everyone got a tiara from the treasures of Queen Elizabeth II. If Megan has achieved a stunning effect by choosing a rather modest, but elegant dress, and Kate was the epitome of Royal luxury and classics, Eugenia added to her Bridal look of today, wearing a dress, in the manufacture of which was used the most advanced technology.

And after all, whose wedding image do you prefer?

Whose wedding dress looks best?

Princess Evgeniyagor, Marlcet Middletone

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