In the new academic year the students of Ontario go back to my old program on sexual education (PHOTOS)

В новом учебном году школьники Онтарио вернутся к старой программе по половому воспитанию (ФОТО)

The Minister of education of Ontario Lisa Thompson reported that the new academic year upgraded the curriculum for sex education that caused a lot of controversy, will be replaced with your old version.

Thompson said that now the employees of the Ministry of education informed school boards about the decision to return to the training programme developed until 2015.

Thompson added that the Ministry will try as soon as possible to consult with parents regarding program updates, and will soon be releasing details on that.

The Prime Minister of Ontario Doug Ford during the election campaign promised to cancel the controversial disputes program on sex education and replace it with another.

When the former Ontario government, headed by liberals, modernized the curriculum of sexual education, this angered many, especially those who hold socially conservative views.

It was the first time since 1998, when the curriculum was updated, and after changes it contained data about online bullying and the messages are of an erotic nature, and also about gender identity and same-sex marriages.

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