In the occupied territories has stopped working the local operator of mobile communication (photo)

На оккупированной территории перестал работать оператор местной мобильной связи (фото)

In the three occupied cities of Donetsk region have stopped work, the local mobile operator. This is reported by information resources occupiers. “Services “Republican” operator “Phoenix” communication and the mobile Internet is unavailable in Gorlovka, Debaltsevo and Uglegorsk because of an accident on the power lines. For restoration work at the scene directed the team of employees of the Phoenix. The problem with communication in these cities will be completely solved in the period from 12:00 to 13:00 hours on 12 December”, — reported in “the press service of” so-called” Ministry of pensions”.

However, judging by the comments of local residents in social networks, there is no connection at the moment. But problems arose two weeks ago: residents of many areas of the occupied cities of Donetsk region complained about the shortages and even lack of communication in the network of the operator. In addition, did not work and the only operator which still provides services in ORDO.

For this reason social networking was a serious hassle. Began with discussion of the work of the local mobile operator, which is positive only so-called “Minister of communications DNI”, and ended political battles and pungent satire:

One user wrote: “I’m just one of those people who have “Phoenix” works, petrol — normal, and the Mining chickens (products of “Mining” poultry farm, where the start of the occupation of Donbass took control of the family liquidated the leader of the Donetsk militants Alexander Zakharchenko. — Ed.) — edible, and not only for me but for my animals, and eggs for 65 rubles, not 80. And whiners I in time of peace is not respected, now even more so! Oh, forgot to say — and work in “DNR” I can also afford to find. Tested“.

“”MGB” work? Whatever, I’m sorry? Rarely meet all happy people, hence the curiosity” — immediately responded to the opponents.

“I get a job.”

Excuse me, but where to buy high quality chicken and eggs in Donetsk?”

“Don’t lie. “Phoenix” is not working. Internet 4g does not exist. Gasoline, incidentally, is also missing!”

One user even posted a satirical verses (screenshot)

На оккупированной территории перестал работать оператор местной мобильной связи (фото)

Recall the “FACTS” repeatedly wrote that in June 2015, instead of two Ukrainian operators of mobile communication, communication which the invaders appropriated, the invaders imposed on the local population created on the “wrung-out” equipment a system for its mobile communications. But people living in the ORDO, regularly and deservedly criticize the work of the “local” mobile operator.

Subscribers also daily Express my appreciation to the authors of the project “Phoenix”.

Taking into account the quality of communication, the operator needs to be called “Chicken” is a bird which does not fly, and is reborn from… soup. This corresponds to the” — write donchane on social networks. But in the end, because of gross interference in communication, in ORDO often, problems arise with the connection of Ukrainian mobile operators.

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