In the Pacific ocean found a Japanese aircraft carrier that participated in the battle of midway

В Тихом океане найден японский авианосец, участвовавший в битве за Мидуэй

Deep-sea researchers and historians on Sunday announced that it, apparently, found the Japanese aircraft carrier during the Second world war, which sank during the battle of midway.

Review of the sonar data showed that the Japanese ship allegedly “Akagi” or “Soria”, rests at a depth of hundreds of meters in the Pacific ocean about 1400 km North-West of pearl Harbor. The finding reported Director of underwater operations, Vulcan Inc. Rob Kraft.

The researchers used an Autonomous underwater vehicle equipped with sonar to search for sunken ships. Last week, the team discovered the first Japanese aircraft carrier “Kaga”, which American forces sank during the battle of midway in June 1942.

So far has been found only one of seven ships defeated in air-sea battle five Japanese and two American ships.