In the pictures the flames saw the “flaming skeleton”

На фотографии пламени разглядели "огненный скелет"

A terrible discovery was made on a photo of the burning car.

In the section of the popular site “Reddit” dedicated to paranormal phenomena, there was a mysterious picture that many users puzzled and some, judging by the reaction, even scared, according to the with reference to Esoreiter.

The image shows a burning car, and almost all the audience noticed on this picture, something strange and exciting. Some users initially, even wanted to complain to the site admins on this material, since they thought that it depicts the burning man, trying to get out of the car window. But, of course, angered the Internet community quickly realized that there was no shocking content here.

Just the flames took while shooting such a bizarre shape, its shape is very similar to human.

Some commentators say that can clearly see in the picture the fiery skeleton with an exposed skull and rib cage – horror, and more!

According to others, imagining them screaming woman with long dark hair, which, apparently, trying to say something about this tragedy or takes a sign.

Still others suggest that the flames had been marked by a spirit, which, like everything in this world, alive, right now that’s dying and so a kind of saying goodbye to our physical reality.

Anyway, the creepy, the picture did not leave anyone indifferent. Except, perhaps, the skeptics who said that to parabolicheskie illusion, not a Ghost in the fire or a sinister sign. Hope this is true, and no horror anywhere, never happened and will not happen again…

На фотографии пламени разглядели "огненный скелет"

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