In the quarterfinals of the ice hockey world championship, Canada will play against Russia (PHOTO)

В четвертьфинале ЧМ по хоккею Канада сыграет с Россией (ФОТО)

Canada held the world championship on hockey in Denmark seven matches, winning five. At the end, in the quarterfinals of the team will have to play Russia.

Quarterfinal matches will be held on may 17.

Russian experts believe that the canadian team is pretty weak goalie, so there is every chance to win. However, it is known that Canada – 24 anguelova, and Russia – 6 (considering all the players on one-way contracts and players who played at least 15 matches last season, NHL).

The captain and most dangerous player team Canada Connor McDavid has shared his opinion about the confrontation with Russia.

“Canada vs Russia is a large confrontation, a confrontation of the classical, with a history spanning decades. Always fun to play against Russia and I’m looking forward to the match on Thursday. Compared to the group stage, we need to bring his game to a new level,” said hockey player.

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