In the sky USA ufologists saw two “UFO”

В небе США уфологи разглядели два «НЛО»

The authenticity of the frames they do not doubt.

Conspiracy theorists claim that aliens are attracted to Earth. But because eyewitnesses often observe in the sky a strange object of extraterrestrial origin. Recently, the American South West San Bernardino ufologists have recorded two UFOs that flew near the Sun, reports the with reference to

Ufologists are again talking about the alien invasion plan by aliens. Eyewitnesses also confirmed that they had seen two bright objects that still were in the air. It should be noted that in this case the appearance of UFOs has interested representatives of Mufon who plan to study in detail the video.

Earlier, in the U.S. in California, the witnesses noticed a giant UFO. According to conspiracy theorists, a huge space object could have come straight from the planet Nibiru.

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