In the U.S. city people massively said about meeting a stranger

В американском городе люди массово заявили о встрече с пришельцем

Immediately three men went to the police with the message of the alien.

Mount Vernon is a small town in Ohio whose population is only about 16 thousand people. However, since August of 2018 is already three residents of this town reported about seeing a strange skinny humanoid creature, possibly an alien, reports the with reference on Paranormal news.

The first report of the surveillance in mount Vernon mysterious creatures was published on 10 August 2018 on the city website. And there was attached the figure of the witness, on which was depicted a creature with thin arms and legs.

In the article it is reported that a motorist July 31, 2018, approximately 13 miles North of mount Vernon saw the passing cornfield thin creature about 2 metres tall. The skin of the creature was yellowish-brown, and his body was completely hairless.

“The body was straight and slender and his arms and legs were also very thin. The neck was also like a wand, and the head is oval and elongated. His eyes were completely black. This thing at high speed crossed the corn field, and then in 2-3 steps crossed the road in front of me,” described a witness.

According to the driver his first thought was that it was just a deer, but then he realized that the creature was bipedal. Next, a man contacted the local investigator Ron McGlone and told him about what he saw, but asked not to specify his name, as he apparently was afraid of ridicule.

When the story reached County Sheriff David Shaffer, he said that he himself no reports about sightings of strange creatures 30-31 July were reported.

Following testimony, the witness was sent to the MUFON UFO website. A strange creature he saw on August 17:

“That day I went on vacation in the Park “Wolf Run Park” and throughout my hike in the woods, it seemed to me that I someone follows. In the afternoon, I drove back home and turned on the bright headlights and the light immediately came out of the darkness the creature.

It’s in the same moment gave a sharp strange sound that reminded me of the vibrating screams of the velociraptors from “Jurassic Park”. Appearance difficult to describe, but it was naked and had a smooth (smooth) forms.

When I saw him, I immediately pulled out my iPhone 6, but could not make the battery charge has fallen sharply, although it was loaded. Failing to make a shot, I fear turned the car around and tried to get out of this Park as fast as possible.

Later I kept thinking about what it was, especially I scared him cry, he was very creepy and I felt sick after hearing it, such with me never happened”.

В американском городе люди массово заявили о встрече с пришельцем

The third message was sent by the American researcher of strange creatures Heart Strickler. The date is not specified and the message is sent the daughter of the witness.

“Recently my mother, who lives in mount Vernon, Ohio, called me and told me that he saw a creature similar to the alien passed through the basement of her house and disappeared. She describes him as tall and thin with long arms and legs. His face she could not see, as he saw it in profile.

According to mom he looked like an alien from the picture. Interestingly, my mother has not experienced monitoring any negative feelings, even fear. According to her he just came and left…”

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